Wolfs gets its name from the Gladiator show which became popular in the UK during the 90’s. The show which ran for 8 years had contestants going up against Gladiators, highly trained characters. One of the main characters on the show, the Baddie, was WOLF, aka Michael van Wijk. He was the one person people love to hate.gallery_uktv-gladiators-1200px

To become wolf Michael had to compete against thousands of hopefuls, all being at least 20 years young. To win you had to be extra fit, strong, agile and able to withstand injuries. He had trained his whole life from football, soccer pingpong, boxing, wrestling and UFC fighting. All to a high competitive level. He started his modelling and acting career at the age of 26 and landed Gladiators at the age of 39. Through all of this he had a string of gyms in the UK.

Michael came to New Zealand in 2003 bringing his family and his love of training with him. Not being able to find the equipment he was used to he decided to start up his own gymnasium from the 20 years experience in the gym business he put his mind to work and WOLFS GYM was born.

WOLF, the character Michael played in the TV show, had a very physical job. He had to stay physically strong while going up against competitors in physical challenges. He did this nearly every episode through every season. It was very demanding on his body. He had to keep up constant training through filming while getting over constant injuries. Thats why Wolfs has a physio or masseuse on site. He knows what is needed.

Wolfs Gym was one of the only few gyms at that time that could cater for everyone, any fitness level, male or female, beginner or serious… But above all, someone who wants results… It still is. You don’t have to be an athlete, you just have to have a goal.

All of Wolfs Gyms incorporate the same theme: Fully equipped, easy layout, machines for male and female, equipment for every need including cardio. The best advice, services and products.

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