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Jo has been working and competing in the fitness industry for almost 23 years. Her early interest in the sport of bodybuilding sparked the desire to enter into the gym industry earning a lucrative career in private training specializing in female weight training, and nutrition, earning her the name of one of NZs most popular female bodybuilders and New Zealand fitness trainers.

After joining the highly competitive world of bodybuilding in 1992, Jo had a chain of national and international successes which spanned almost 20 years. In 2007 & 2008 she participated in and won 2 of the biggest IFBB contests won by any female competitor in New Zealand, the IFBB Masters Worlds in Budapest in and the IFBB Arnold Amateur in Ohio.

Currently Jo is devoted to training, inspiring and entice woman in the 40- 50+ age group to take up weight training and to encourage them to understand the basics of nutrition and how to combine training and nutrition into everyday life.

Currently working at Wolfs Gym Auckland Jo instructs both female and male members and non-members in all aspects of fitness and body-sculpting/building techniques.

Early interview with JO by a magazine

I first began training when I was 19 years old and loved it totally, but back then in NZ it was not common for females to be training hard out in the gyms. I trained for around 6 months then stopped (regretted now obviously). I turned to running,cycling and aerobics as a substitute. At almost 30 years of age, I was sent back into a gym by a physiotherapist for rehab and since I was already muscular it was natural for people to ask if I was a bodybuilder. Eventually I thought I may as well be one since I was always asked that question.  So I trained for two years solid and went on stage knowing that I had put my time in and I was confident of doing well. That was in 1992….so I was 32. I won that first competition and my career began from there..

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Marc started competing in Bodybuilding when He was 20 years old. He had been doing weights for 6 months and the gym owner talked him into doing a show …  winning the Southern Classic Juniors he then moved to Australia and competed in many regional and state championships as a light weight.. Under 70 kg … winning shows like, The Gold Coast, The Brisbane Champs, Twin Towns Classic and many more, winning around 15 odd plus Amateur Titles in the end.

Marc also won Mr. Australia WPC as a light weight and then moved back to NZ where he won Mr. NZ twice as a Middle Weight and then turned Professional, competing in shows like the NY Night of Champs, Australian Grand Prix, NZ Pro Show and travelling the World doing seminars, appearances and representing sponsor’s products. He retired from competitive Bodybuilding at the age of 36.


Everyone is an Expert these Days!! Just look at FB and Instagram but you ‘gotta’ ask yourself or them … what experience do they have? What education do they have (note 90 % of today’s Personal Trainers have done a basic 3 month course that runs twice a week , how much can you learn in that time frame ), what achievements do they personally have?

A good Personal Trainer to me is defined by experience and achievements and knowledge first and foremost, second education: Preferably greater than a part time 3-month course. Ohhh and Enthusiasm for your goals and not their egos. I know Individuals who offer nutrition advice that wouldn’t even know the carb count of a med size banana???

I’m the PT and Nutritionist the Personal Trainers come to learn FROM, (how to train and to get in shape )… I currently have 10 professional PT’s as my clients and have always been a Trainer of Trainers.